Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunset - Art June 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today Room 9 went on their Take Action For Water day trip, unfortunately the weather turned out to be not too flash! Half the class tested the stream water and the half went on a bush walk with Miss. E and Mrs. Steele.

But soon the heavens really opened and we had to abandon the trip and head back to school. Despite the poor weather and the children having to miss out of 2 thirds of their trip Room 9 behaved really well and appreciated the time and effort Callum from the TAFW team had put into the trip.

Good luck to Room 15 with their trip tomorrow, we hope they have better weather than we did!

Monday, June 15, 2009

World of Maths

Room 15 and 9 had a great afternoon on Monday during 'World of Maths.' We took part in a variety of maths problem solving activities that really challenged us. We had to work in teams to follow the instructions and read the information carefully to get the right answers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cityscape Sunsets

Today room 9 were painting cityscapes at sunset. Room 9 were learning to blend colours together to create an effective sunset painting. Our first focus of the day was to look at a number of photographs and paintings and to observe what colours, and what affect the light has upon those colours in the pictures of sunsets.

The picure above was the simulus for todays lesson. Room 9 did really well and I look forward to them finishing the pictures on Monday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



YOU NEED: WARM CLOTHING ( This is very very very important.... its quite chilly at the moment)

Gloves, scarf, beany, poly props, fleece, layers. Remember you can take off layers but you can't make clothes magically appear!

A water bottle, food and a morning tea snack.

Its going to be a really exciting day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Longfin eel - by Daniel

An Introduction to the Longfin Eel. By Daniel Naylor

The Longfin eel lives in pools of rivers in small forests. It is brown, long and has gills. It also has two fins for swimming and a back one for direction. It has two eyes on the side of its head so it can see left and right. The longfin eel has two feelers on its head to feel what is in its way.

The way a longfin eel breathes is that it swallows water and pumps it over its gills and pumps it back out of its body. The longfin eel eats banded Kokopu and Redfin bullies.

A longfin eels life cycle: it starts as an egg in Tonga, it turns into a leave shape larva which floats back to New Zealand. It turns into a glass eel then to an Elver, and finally an adult. A Longfin eel can live up to 80 years but passes away when it has given birth to her eggs.

Watch out for my full report in a couple of weeks.

By Daniel Naylor

Banded Kokopu Brief introduction by Will and John.

We have been learning about Banded Kokopu. Banded Kokopu live in the stream in pools under banks, rocks and logs. They have gills, fins, tails, a body, eyes, scales and a mouth.

Banded Kokopu have a life cycle: It starts as an egg which is laid on the forest floor in autumn when the river floods. In the stream the egg turns in a larvae which then turns into Whitebait.

Whitebait are almost see through and humans eat them. After that they turn into an adult and it starts over again.

A Banded Kokpou eats orbweb spiders, cased cadissflies, wetas and mayflies.

Read our report in a few weeks and find out more!

Will and John