Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Text in Contemporary ARt

Colin McCahon
Colin McCahon
Rosalie Gascoigne
Rosalie Gascoigne - Metropolis (1999)

In Art we are looking at Text in Contemporary art. We have been looking at Rosalie Gascoigne's work and Colin McCahon two New Zealand artists who have used text in their art.

We are now creating our own art inspired by Rosalie Gascoigne's Metropolis..........coming soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wharenui homework

I love the homework this week!
This week you have to design a Wharenui - Meeting House.
See below for the criteria.

1. The wharenui is at least the size of a shoe box.
2. The wharenui is made out of at least 3 recycled materials. Eg twigs, leaves, shoebox, scrap material, unwanted material.
3. The wharenui has an apex roof.
4. The wharenui has one modern design. Eg a glass window, a solar panel, the colour of the front is not traditional.
5. The wharenui has Maori traditional designs.

You need to draw and label your Wharenui design in your homework book first. Collect your materials from home, outside, the beach, or even the bush. Think about how you will put everything together, ie strong glue, sellotape, and wire. Have fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This week Room 9 are learning to say a pepeha to introduce themselves.

Pepeha are sayings that emphasise a person’s origins and connections with the land and their whakapapa (genealogy) conveying a great deal of meaning and cultural information.

This is the format we will be using.

Ko _____________________ toku waka. (canoe)
Ko _____________________ toku iwi. (tribe)
Ko _____________________ toku maunga (mountain)
Ko _____________________ toku awa (river)
Ko _____________________ toku kainga (place you live)
Ko _____________________ toku whanau (family name)
Ko _____________________ toku whaea (mother)
Ko _____________________ toku matua (father)
Ko _____________________ toku ingoa (personal name)